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Anyone Remember This Blog?
2011/09/07, 3:04 pm
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Cripes!  Well, Ten (notice that the “s” has been dropped to faithfully reproduce the actual amount of people who might read this post), It seems that I have completely forgotten this blog and where we left off back in the day when things were cool around this joinz.  I suppose there have been a bunch of events like the insanely anticipated opening of Zombie Burger (from where I am currently writing this post),  Restaurant Week (I have heard that this year it was “all good”, and a bunch of other stuff that I probably wasn’t paying attention to anyway due to my overwhelming Taco Attention Disorder (or T.A.D.).

I hope that you faithful ten have enjoyed all the food happenings over the past few months whilst your Cook has been hunched over stoves, ovens, and chafers doing…uh…cooking.  Don’t worry, with the coming cold weather I will hopefully have a little more time to annoy your eye sockets with made up words, gripes, and some other stuff.  Or go ahead and worry…it’s not the first time this claim was made!


The Cook

Oh!  I almost forgot to include a cat picture…hold on.