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Official Holiday Wish Item From Locally Grown
2011/12/25, 6:19 am
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Dear Tens,

We here at Locally Grown wish you all a safe and happy holiday season  or maybe just a really lucky season of being very, very irresponsible but getting away with it, subsequently learning from the fact that you are really fortunate to have emerged from your irresponsibility trip relatively unscathed to never to act in such a wild manner during the holidays again.  Whatever path you choose, safety or destruction, know that the LG crew are thinking about you and miss you like crazy.  Especially Hank.  He has been a real emotional wreck during this year of relative silence.

Hank is suffering from Blogular Separation Anxiety.

Bathory has remained seemingly unaffected as he is a cat and cats are very skilled in the art of “playing it cool.”  That is most likely why the phrase “cool cat” was coined.  Regardless, he isn’t really phased by the holiday season or the fact that he has not been referred to on the internert nearly as many times this year as in 2010.  This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care or share in our originally stated group sentiment about your holiday safety, because he has assured the rest of us that the first paragraph up there gets his paw of approval.

What does the new year hold for your formerly favorite food blog?  No one knows and really it doesn’t matter, because today is all about you, our tens of fans.  We love you, and if this blog ever comes back around from the coma induced in this year of our gourd 2011, then it will happen when it happens.  Until then, Keep repping local.  It’s what you were born to do.

The Cook.