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Something Something Just Desserts.
2012/01/23, 12:11 pm
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Hello, Tens!  I know, I know, it has been way too long since we got visually and verbally busy with each other,and there may be a few of you out there who aren’t really familiar with what we have going on up in here. The rest of this paragraph is for you people.  This blog was originally fueled by disdain.  And frustration.  And a urge to share that disdain and frustration.  And a love for all things local.  Yep, I think that is about it.  It turned into so many other things, like a good way to piss off food critics, a nice forum for people to be assholes about vegetarianism, and the perfect place for diners to learn how to properly approach the act of dining in public.

Moving on…

Today a very good friend of mine emailed me a link to an article which brought back all of those old feelings, and article that reminded me that my work is not done within the realm of LG.  This article was from our old friend, DD and definitely portrayed her normal “Blinders-On, Geographically Unaware” attitude.  What was the subject?  I am glad you asked (and made it all the way to this point. Sorry for all the prefacing).  Said food writer claims that the only desserts you can get in this town are either some kind of chocolate “fall down” cake (which I read as Lava Cake and caught a craving) or Cheescake.  That’s it.  She black/white’s the Des Moines dining scene again with a vast generalisation, AND THEN, true to form, whips out her culinary retort: A French (of course) dessert of poached merengue and creme anglaise Submitted by a certain French chef whom is also not a fan of yours truly.  The dessert was admittedly not a real “seller” by any means, and didn’t look as spectacular as I would expect from DB, but I am sure it was delicious.

So what was the whole point of her rant?  Is she trying to tell DMZ (Des Moines Zone) restaurants that they are boring her to death with their alleged “Two Dessert System” or is she trying to encourage chefs and restaurateurs to break out of the mold which she thinks they are all currently occupying? Is she stating that we, The People Of Des Moines, are all a bunch of rubes and could only be saved by selling all of our worldly possessions for a one way ticket to her Mecca, France?  Are TPODM a bunch of self loathing a-holes whom wouldn’t know a good dessert if it bit them in the tukus, I mean if there were any more choices to sneak up and bite them?

I have prepared a list of things to do with this stuff.

  1. Des Moines only has two desserts available to the dining public.

  2. France is still better than Des Moines

  3. No one really bought the dessert she thought was better than the current options, but featured it regardless.

  4. Des Moines must be stupid because they didn’t buy said dessert.

  5. France>Des Moines

  6. Alba also has interesting dessert choices, but no examples were given.

  7. Viva La Francais!

  8. French.

  9. French

  10. France

Let's Not Foget Category 4: France Is Not Des Moines

I hope that the Chefs and Restaurant Owners and Diners of our Fair City start paying attention to what this person is saying.  Yeah, we get it, you released a French cookbook.  Good For You.  You also most likely think that you are helping culture the heathen masses of Central Iowa with your Francophilic ways.  Maybe you should take a poll of your readers to see how many of them really give a rat’s patoot about France as it relates to our local dining scene.

I would instead like to see a published writer who revels in our constantly growing local food scene instead of constantly complaining that it just isn’t as good as New York or France.  Yeah, no shit, it’s not.  But in my travels during the last year I found myself thinking more than a few times “I wish I was in Des Moines right now so I could go to ______”

Now THAT should speak volumes to those of you who know me personally.  I guess that’s the difference between a food lover and a food critic… Lovers love to love, and critics are just a-holes.

Didn’t I used to do a sign off thing at the end of posts?  I forget.

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Perhaps “Blinders On” (most of us know who he/she is), should stop eating at chain restaurants. Those are the only places I’ve ever experienced the “Lava Cake/Cheesecake” syndrome. And even then…. many chains even have more than two choices of desserts. Sure, some French food is great. I’ve dined in France. When I was served my fish, it was looking at me. That in itself gave me that “I wish I was in Des Moines right now so I could go to __________” feeling.

Fie upon the nay-sayers. They suck.

Comment by Stephanie

Yes. Agreed.

Comment by locallygrown

Reblogged this on .

Comment by Stephanie

p.s. Reblogged. Kind of liking that feature.

Comment by Stephanie

Psshht. She needs to be replaced. And in the meantime, she needs to get her head out of DB’s ass- after a glowing review she gave him a few months ago, he cancelled a wedding reception scheduled for the following weekend. AT HIS RESTAURANT. Classy.

PS- why did she put her version of the dessert in a tupperware kids’ bowl?

Comment by hillary

I was really wondering why she put her version at all. That if generally a move of disrespect towards the featured chef. I think.

Comment by locallygrown

Don’t forget option #3 – tiramisu

Comment by steve fuller

True story.

Comment by locallygrown

DB has to be the most overrated chef in town right now. His restaurant is good, but not any better than most other places, and his wait staff act like they have sticks up their rears. I am sick of DD giving him constant publicity. Why didn’t she mention Alba’s desserts? Not French enough?

Comment by Bonnie

Not even close to French enough

Comment by locallygrown

This thing has a pulse again…careful or we will expect daily updates again.

As for DD and DB, I think they appeal to a certain group of people, and that group is small.

The real food lovers can smell the BS of DD and DB a mile away.

I recall how awkward she seemed at Larry’s Flash Dine event.

Just, odd.

Mr. DD seems cool, though.

Anyway, can we get back to spring again for some DTFM goodyness?


Comment by InthewaterDSM

First weekend of May…DTFM will be back in the hizouse!

Comment by locallygrown

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