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France>Des Moines?!

Tens, first a thank you for taking your time to read and comment on yesterday’s France/DD/Dessert diatribe.  It’s good to know that some of you have stuck around.  It’s good to have you all back on the bus.

Secondly, I agree with every one of your comments.  All of them.  I have been “out of the loop” for a while with all of my other dealings and haven’t really been paying attention to any of the food writings being shat out on paper as of late.  You clearly haven’t had the same problem.  Glad someone is keeping their eyes open, and I am rejoining your ranks.  Clearly we have a lot to talk about, old (and new) friends.


(please excuse the swearing about to fall from my fingers into your eyes)

One thing that really makes me sick about this ongoing problem of food criticism is that the local food isn’t being given proper consideration by the Register’s Food Captain.  It is a fucking travesty that someone who has been charged with guiding the Metro’s diners by the area’s largest print outlet has glossed over what is really at the heart of our food scene (which is HEART) and instead has become the self appointed travel spokesperson for France and New York…and everywhere but the city she is writing about.  According to yesterday’s comments and a few other messages from the interrab she has been focusing too much attention on one particular Chef Whom Doesn’t Care For Me Much (CWDCFMM) and much too little time really researching the local food and its movers/shakers/background.

I see where the information comes from in the form of regular lacksadasical (how do you even spell that?) emails/tweets/blog posts stating “I am working on an article about _____, anyone know anything about that?”  and by reading multiple blog posts which are just reprints of press releases from the area restaurant whom bother sending her press releases.

Even though it isn't funny

Is this the type of person YOU are trusting your dining dollars to?  Or are you trusting the other jokers writing nothing but positive internet reviews of every restaurant they visit?  Whichever, and I have to cut this rant short, you are chosing is probably wrong.  Some of you have voiced an opinion that some people need to be replaced.  I suggest not only filing that complaint here, but to contact the “proper authorities.”  You don’t have to stand for this bullshit.  Seriously.  I have to go, sorry to not have time to elaborate further.

The Cook


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On the upside, her pieces in the paper seem to be less and less. I stopped reading them when she started to shamelessly plug buying her book, or announcing where she would be for a book signing. I was surprised the Register let her get away with that.

Fight the good fight, Chef.

Comment by lizzy

Thank you, Lizzy. Hearing your good habits brings a smile to my face.

I was not judging that post by comments, but by actual number of readers. There was a 40% drop in readership that day, which is consistent with past treadings into that territory. I won’t stop writing/posting about the matter within the confines of this blog, but I will focus on my main subject…ending the dining scene tomfoolery.

Thank you for reading and for your feedback. I an not sure if you are new to the fold here, but it is going to get…wild…soon.

Comment by locallygrown

I too am surprised that the Register is letting her get away with plugging her book signings. My daughter worked at the Register for a couple of years and she certainly didn’t get that kind of latitude. But I digress.

Chef, you’re making me want to branch out to reviewing. I (definitely) don’t want the DD job but maybe my 3 readers would appreciate knowing more about the local scene. 🙂 Jesus, she doesn’t even have to drive to Des Moines like I do… which is why I have avoided reviews thus far.

I would be more than happy to file a complain with the proper authorities about the dismal food review scene at the Register. Not sure it’ll do any good, but I’ll do it.

Comment by Stephanie

p.s. It’s lackadaisical. I looked it up.

Comment by Stephanie

Thank you. I can now stop messing that word up.

Comment by locallygrown

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