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And The Smoke Was Blown
2012/01/27, 1:25 pm
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Good afternoon, Tens of Awesome People.  I would like to take a portion of, what was supposed to be, this Friday Funday post to thank you all for coming back to the LG fold.  I am thuper exthited to be back ranting for your pleasure, and I feel that your all are getting just ath exthited.  More and More people are coming back each day, and I feel that soon we will all be back together joining our forces against the evils the cloud the local dining experience.  Thweet.

(I have had a cold/something of some kind of sickness all week and am just trying to portray my stuffed nose inability to enunciate my “S’s”)

Now, as I had mentioned at the beginning of the last paragraph, I have come up with a fun new formula for us to wind down together every Friday. Yes, I plan on us being together every Friday.  BUT this week there is business to attend to and the last thing I want to do is be a business not-attender.  Next week we will have fun, today is business.

Has Our Beloved DD fallen out of love?

Yesterday it was brought to my attention that this person who shall be continually referred to as the DD had leveled her sights on new French (ooooohhhhh lalalala!) restaurant Tartine out in the western portion of Our Fair City.  Tartine is a small, lunch-centric bistro located in a …well, it doesn’t matter.  To escape redundancy you can just go to the REVIEW read all the pertinent location blah blah blah.  Tartine was founded by Baru 66 Chef (and possibly the love of DD’s life) David Baruthia as a more financially accessible outlet to taste his creations.

You know, I am sitting at the bar at Zombie Burger with some good friends.  so for your assignment this weekend I would like you to all read the review and tell me what you think.  Personally, I think that it’s a load of shit…or is it?

The Cook


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I thought her review was surprisingly negative. I can’t believe she would say her dinner wasn’t great, but I hear that chef isn’t involved anymore. She didn’t even mention his name once!

Comment by Bonnie

True. He isn’t involved, and there is speculation as to whether or not that influenced the review. regardless, it was a dirty review. Really dirty.

Comment by locallygrown

Is this a full review or one of those first-visit summaries? Seems like you need more than one dinner visit before you can properly review a restaurant.

But she did describe a quiche as “eggy,” so the writing is spot-on.

Comment by Cedric Collins

Totally eggy

Comment by locallygrown

Kind of weird. I haven’t eaten at Tartine, but the first part of her review was glowing and at the same time condescending…. mainly her need to tell us that tartine is an open-faced sandwich. I would assume that people would either know what tartine is…. look it up… or just call it an open-faced sandwich if she feels that her readers are stupid. (Which is how she comes across). She spent less time and adjectives describing the food she didn’t like, as if, “OhandIdidn’tlikethedinnerbutthatsokay.”

Comment by Stephanie

It is a weird review, which is why we are doing group analysis. I have inside information (as usual) as to what may have happened, but I want this to be a group project

Comment by locallygrown

I can remember on at least one occasion when you shared inside information and I actually knew something that my daughter didn’t know. She hates that. Maybe that’s why she quit the Register and sold out to the man. 🙂

Comment by Stephanie

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