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When UrbanSpork Yelps Wolf
2012/02/07, 3:40 pm
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Here at LG, we have focused much of our attention and energy on avoiding writing blog posts.  When our energy is diverted and we get duped into writing actual blog posts our attention has been almost solely focused on a small handful (aka one) of people who do a fantastic (aka piss poor) job of reviewing (aka we don’t really know what to call what they do…but it isn’t reviewing) our local DMZ food scene.  With those (that) people (person) currently in France (Dear France: can you please keep her this time, she loves you and belongs amongst your inferior boots,  long, crusty loaves of bread and mini-desserts), our subject base has been truncated at best.

So with no recent reviews deserving of our heavy handed attention leaking forth unto your eyes through the soy ink stained pages of the Register, our attention was turned to the hundreds of fine folks who share their opinion with other fine folks via the really awesome user-review sites found all over the splinternet.  I registered on the UrbanSpoon web site (and yes, you can find me there under the name of “the cook,” go ahead and be my friend there.  I have already posted some poorly written reviews of a couple spots) and took to the virtual streets, looking for the real jems, those with that certain little something (isn’t there a French phrase for that?).

(this is getting way to long and pointless again. thanks for following along if you made it this far)

It always meh-mazes me how much opinion people are willing to spout out with an adjoining small bit of thought.  So many of the reviews that were encountered  were just knee-jerk-off reactions to one specific event involving a disgruntled customer and a misunderstanding.  So many of the misunderstandings/situations seem so easily remedied.  Sometimes just talking to the staff like a human being can go a long way.

Okay, this is going to have to be continued tomorrow.  I am losing track of the subject matter…seems to be a constant problem around here these days.

The Cook


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Thank you again. I am a little on the west side of middle age, but my work ethic was formed (in my family) and doing wait staffing in a joint on the train station stop from South Jersey to Philly.Customers want the truth and a smile and their food. It isn’t rocket science. When the kitchen didn’t give me what I wrote-I didn’t serve it.And when they did, I shared the gracious benefit.So I am not about stuffy-ness. But I am about good food,locally grown+connection.And those are the places I visit.But,why can’t(my vent) Chucks’ wait staff be a bit more attentive? I am getting tired of ordering a plate of o’rings, a pie and 2 pitchers of beer because my wait-staff goes MIA(and being told “that’s how it is”.
Could maybe, tacos come to NE Polk County?
Fight the good fight.

Comment by Donna

Donna, I really believe that wait staff is the number one problem in restaurants today. Younger generations just do not have the same work ethic, you are correct. I have had the pleasure of working with the “old guard” or servers who really care to take care of people, and the constant displeasure of working with younger “who gives a shit” attitude servers. When I see a service complaint on US or Y I take it with a grain of salt, the general public hasn’t gotten used to this new, lower level of service that is quickly becoming the norm. It is really disheartening to see this happening with our chefs working harder to put out better quality food. Maybe the disparity between service and food quality is a good subject for a future post.

rep Local

Comment by locallygrown

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