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Biggie Smalls: Worlds Best Food Rapper?
2012/03/09, 8:22 am
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Hello, Tens.  Today marks the anniversary of the death of one of my favorite “fat kid” artists (musicians/rappers who like to tuck food references into their songs) I didn’t think much of his music at first listen, it was just another dude rapping on the radio, complete with radio ready hits with samples of old songs that I already enjoyed.  I didn’t feel that this cat was doing anything for me with his lyrics about being tougher than you, smoother than you, getting more money than you, more ladies than you.  It felt freshly played out, then I heard this line:

Now honeys play me close like butter played toast.

That line woke me up to the world of Biggie and his lyrical buffet.  I started listening closer, finding more and more food references.  He wasn’t just singing about a particular dish for the sake of naming it, he was bookmarking his place in life by what he was able to afford to eat and rapping about the things that gave him joy during his rough childhood.  It was inspiring.

I wanted to write an entire article on his food lyrics, but someone beet…um..beat me to it by a few days.   Francis Lam is a writer over at Salon and he has written a piece on the subject that I think you should all take time to read.  He echoes my sentiments about the late rap artist.  Here is the link, go read the article.

Now go out and have a great weekend!  It should be a nice time to go enjoy some local dining at some of your favorite spots.  We will try to get back to you again on Monday…REPRESENT BABY BAAABY.

The Cook



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