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This Is The End, My Friends.
2012/04/05, 7:37 am
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Tens! I had a whole diatribe prepared for this day, the airing of the Current Datebook Diner’s “last supper,” the day she finally just gets on with marketing her “cook book” on her own time. I decided to just let it lie. This is the last day of school for a food bully whom decided to award four stars to her favorite place to drink for her last review, and in the past months trash restaurants with real, honest chefs whom have been making the food that has pushed our dining scene to where it is today. It shows the disrespect she has had for Des Moines’ hard working restaurant professionals and her disrespect for you, the reader. Her personal bias has been a factor (more than is should be) for nearly 14 years, and I hope that all of you whom have cherished her opinions have finally seen the light through her BS.

Thank you, Winni, for your (dis-)service to our dining scene for so many grueling years of huge portions, gloppy soups, and places that are not Star Bar.  (we have covered this Star Bar thing before, in fact in our first few posts)

I personally was hoping/expecting DD’s last published Datebook article to be some sort of overview of what she has seen come and go over the decade plus watching the city grow, and maybe a list of things that she might miss about watching the culinary scene grow further…from a professional standpoint.  But no, although she really does talk up her favorite spot, one she has used (oddly) as a bench mark to which all other “bars” have been compared.

Datebook Diner, Exit stage left.

The Cook.


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The truth of it is that we diners need both harsh critics and good chefs.

“real, honest chefs” and “hard-working restaurant professionals” alone doesn’t cut it.

Without critics the dining scene here would have never been pushed into new territory.

Without smart, innovative chefs the dining scene would have never made it to new territory.

Comment by namedpipe

you are saying without Winni the dining scene in des moines wouldn’t have thrived? I have NEVER said we there shouldn’t be any restaurant critics, not sure where you got that idea.

Comment by locallygrown

I don’t think I said that. But if I did or implied that, I apologize. That’s not what I intended.

But when I read “food bully” I think really? She’s a critic not your mom. If you want unconditional love, get a dog. All critics are going to make enemies.

The food scene in Des Moines is better than it was when I moved here (8 years ago). But it can always get better. Both good chefs and good critics help make that happen.

Comment by namedpipe

I don’t want you to get the wrong idea, i wasn’t trying to sound angry. What I am trying to say is not that I want unconditional love or that chefs should be coddled, in fact I have written about this over two years and if you go back through the archives you will see my standpoint is that the Datebook Diner just plain sucks at her job, and it is the consensus among most of the food making community here. So. With that, I look forward to seeing who replaces her and hope that they are capable of executing their position as it should be executed. With some sense of what is going on in their immediate surroundings.

Thank you for your comments, I appreciate your input.

Comment by locallygrown

Amen to looking “forward to seeing who replaces her”!

A new perspective will only make the Des Moines food scene better.

My fear is that cost-cutting mode in the newspaper world will effectively end the business of restaurant reviews by DMR.

At least we have some nice food blogs to look to for reviews going forward.

Comment by Mike Gorski

We are fortunate to have a good amount of dedicated food bloggers. I know I rip on them once in a while, but honestly (and as you said) the food culture of any are can’t grow without creativity, drive, and good honest feedback from critics/diners. Social media has made itself such a viable tool also, personally when I am stuck on an idea or have a menu conundrum I post it on FB and Twitter and viola! problem usually solved within minutes. Communicating directly with the people who eat what I cook (and a good many of them are food bloggers) has helped me personally move forward at an accelerated pace, and it’s also nice to know people are listening.

I am also concerned about this cost cutting and its effect on print reviews. This whole blog turned into a long rant about poor reviewing practices, etc. I was hoping that they would hire someone new that was just as upsetting…so I wouldn’t have to switch the whole blog’s tone to being positive. Ha.

Comment by locallygrown

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