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It’s Not Nearly Over…The Foodmare Continues

Okay, a few of you yesterday spoke your minds regarding my thin threat that I will no longer be posting “things” here at Locally Grown.  I was half full/half empty of crap in stating that due to a change in subject matter that I may not continue to publish this blog. After minutes of deliberation it has been decided that I will continue on with LG, but with a focus on the original intended subject matter: Local food, farmers, markets, chefs, and a little news from around the world.  The rants will also continue, and I know that you tens are most happy to hear that your angry “bi-polar” cook will still be educating the A-Holes of the world how to tame their inflamed dining sphincters.  So, with that said, we will be seeing each other soon with a little report about one of the most important entities within our DMZ, the Downtown Farmers Market and some news about a certain cook’s campaign to be on the show Chopped.

I will leave you with this, a video of the band Tacocat playing their song “Bike Party” which combines four of my favorite things: Cats, Tacos, Bikes, and Palindromes.

Come one, Tens, I couldn’t just leave you all.  It’s been too much fun over the last few years.  Smooch!

The Cook.


Farmers Food Court and Dog And Craft Show.
2010/05/01, 5:55 pm
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Locally Grown’s Downtown Farmer’s Market Report

1. Last year it was all Pregnant Women and Puppies, this year it is Babies and Dogs. Seems nature is taking its natural course.

2. The ratio of big sunglasses to gladiator sandals is still 1.28 to 1.

3. There is still only one real breakfast burrito joint, but Sbrocco and a few others are still trying to convince people otherwise.

4. George Formaro’s Street Food Stand was just chorizo and egg tacos. I expected something more exciting. (Although I couldn’t get on due to confusion, I hear they were tasty).

5. Produce not grown locally was generally labeled as so, also saw a “We Grow Our Own Produce” stand which kicks ass. I like that attitude, keep it up.

6. People looked happy and satisfied. That is really the important part.

Overall quite overwhelming for a guy who prefers small gatherings to huge crowds, but what a beautiful day for some meandering and dog watching.

Market Tip: if you want to get the best produce, show up EARLY. I didn’t!

The Cook