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Fumbled! Farmers Marketed!
2010/07/21, 7:39 pm
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So the true meaning of my Friday post wasn’t WHAT QUESTIONS TO ASK, and maybe I got a little carried away.  I do that sometimes.  The real point was to TRUST THE CHEF.  This person (or group of people) worked hard at putting out that menu you hold in front of you.  There is also a little ego involved, as there is in any artistic realm.  If the menu is not an “ala carte” menu, then don’t treat it as such.  Don’t pull the culinary “dick move.”

For those of you with actual dietary restrictions, this does not apply to you and I have written two full blog posts regarding your situation.  Vegans, Vegetarians, Celiacs, Koshers, etc…your chef is usually up to the challenge of meeting your needs, as long as there is product in-house to facilitate a special needs non-menu victory.  I suppose that the majority of the public that does not require such special attention could possibly get a little jealous of those who do, then act as they do by designing their own version of the menu.

Another tentacle of this “problem” is the Server. Many kitchens have encountered the servist whom seems to have not even allowed their table look at the menu.  Here’s a scenario.

Server to table:

“Hello, I am Rupert, and will be taking care of your needs tonight.  Oh, my!  What are these horrid things doing on the table?  Let me take those dreadful menus far away from you poor, poor people!  Now, what is everyone feeling like eating this evening?”

Sever to kitchen:

“They don’t really like anything on the menu, do you think we could whip up some ____ or maybe ___ for them?”

Truthfully, this scenario doesn’t REALLY happen, but is more of a fantasy scenario the kitchen has written regarding servers who never seem to order anything from the menu without substitutions.

I am done with this subject for now.  It bores me.

I think it’s time for some “Fudge Beef Sticks.”  Doesn’t that sound refreshing?

Fusion Gone Wrong, the Dreaded Delicious Fudge Beef Sticks!

Yes, you guessed it.  Your Humble Crabinator actually got up at a decent hour this past Saturday and went to the Downtown Farmers Market.  It was super laid back, I was even able to walk with my touring bike next to me without incident.  Everyone was smiling and having a good time, especially the Juggler Guy (unfortunately my video didn’t capture properly.  I am going to work on this problem).  There were Papusas and Tacos and Breakfast Burritos oh my!

I picked up some root veggies for stock making.  Look for that recipe at the Timber Pine web site this Friday.

Until We MeatStick Again,

The Cook